VIDEO: These Twins Are Healthy Now, But How They Were Born Is Few And Far Between

When you think about twins being born, you probably think about them being born on the same day or at least within minutes of each other. This mother received a surprise from her doctor about her unborn twin after she goes into labor early.

Twins can pose a risk when they are delivered. There can also be complications during the pregnancy. Most doctors will monitor the mother carefully, performing tests as needed to make sure both the mother and babies are alright. Most women have a gestational period of 37 to 40 weeks.

If a baby is born earlier than that, then there are potential problems that could arise. Doctors will do most anything to keep twins from being born early. One woman delivered her first baby, and 24 days later delivered the other twin.

This procedure is called a delayed interval birth. There is a chance that the mother will go into labor on her own after the first baby is born, but this wasn’t the case in this situation. The first baby was treated and was healthy while his brother was still in the womb for 24 days. The babies are being called miracles because this is something that doesn’t happen often.

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