VIDEO: She Survived Cancer And Was Ready To Go back To School. But What The School Did? SICKENING

A Catholic school in Battle Creek Michigan has recently come under fire for dismissing a 12-year-old school girl for what it calls poor academic performance along with a bevy of absences.

All in all, Rose McGrath has only been able to complete 32 full days of school this calendar year.

On the surface, the ruling seemed justified, but after digging a bit deeper reporters at Fox News learned the true reasons behind the struggling performance.

In 2012, Rose was diagnosed with leukemia. She underwent multiple medical treatments to fight the deadly disease and was later found to be in remission. This allowed her to return to St. Joseph’s Middle School where she has continued her studies.

Even after ongoing attempts to limit the workload Rose was responsible for, the school ultimately felt that suggesting another institution better suited to handle cases like Rose’s would be the best option.

This did not set well with the McGrath’s who filed a civil suit against the school after receiving Rose’s dismissal letter.

The school later rescinded the expulsion saying, “After much consideration and prayer, and in consultation with Mrs. Marcy Arnson, principal of Saint Joseph’s, we have decided to invite seventh grader Rose McGrath to return to our school as soon as possible.”

It is yet to be determined whether the civil suit will be dropped now that St. Joseph’s has reversed its decision or whether Rose will attend the middle school at all.

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