VIDEO: I Thought They Were Strangers. Then They Revealed THIS And I Was Shocked Beyond Belief

Lucy and Maria may be twins, but no one would guess they are sisters, let alone twins. Lucy appears white. Maria appears black.

Lucy and Maria were born in 1997 to a half-Jamaican mother and white father. Donna Douglas, the twins’ mother, said she was speechless when the doctor handed her the twins.

All of their brothers and sisters have a skin tone in between black and white. However, Maria has dark skin and dark brown, almost black hair. Lucy has very fair skin and red hair. Both girls have similar smiles and facial structure, but their coloring is a stark contrast. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum while their siblings lie in the middle.

Growing up, the girls did not mind looking different. Looking back, they both say that it was a blessing because people could always tell them apart. Even in their infant class, no once confused them. Once the girls even had to show their birth certificates to prove they were related.

The differences show not just in their physical appearance but also in their interests. Maria studies law and psychology at Cheltenham College. Lucy studies art and design at Gloucester College. While they may be twins, they both are taking separate paths.

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