VIDEO: An Orangutan Birth is Captured On Film For The First Time Ever!!

The Sumatran orangutan is one of the most industrious primates known to exist. They have been documented to break off narrow tree branches, clear them of foliage, sharpen the tip, and use them as tools. In fact, they use the stick to jab into termite nests and eat the insects. They also use the sticks to drill into bees nests and sample the honey. That said, they are listed as one of the world’s 25 most endangered primates. This makes every birth among the species valuable.

In this video, you’ll see a pregnant Sumatran orangutan give birth. The clip is considered to be the most detailed live birth of this type of primate. While the images are graphic, it is a natural birth.

It also reveals the deeply affectionate maternal instincts of the primate. Right after delivering the cub, the mother begins licking off the amniotic sack and fluid from off the infant. She then uses a form of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to suck the amniotic fluid from the baby’s lungs. It is at this point the newborn begins to cry out and makes its first sounds.

If that wasn’t enough, what comes next was even more endearing. The mother orangutan carries her baby to her zoo keepers at the wild life preserve and shows the baby off to them. It isn’t every day that a member of the animal kingdom shares the joy of a birth with human beings. Watch the video and you too will agree that while all life forms deserve to be protected, the Sumatran orangutan warrants mankind’s protection.

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