Trump Releases Bogus List Of Terror “Attacks” That He Claims The Media “Ignored.”

Trump Releases Bogus List Of Terror “Attacks” That He Claims The Media “Ignored.”

Donald Trump promised to release a list of terror attacks that have been ignored by the media, and he has come through with that promise. However, of the almost 80 attacks that he listed, most of them were covered at some point by the media, some extensively as they were taking place. The ones that didn’t get covered were so minor that they really didn’t need more than a mention on the news.

Attacks included on the list are those in Paris, Nice and Brussels, but there were also attacks that were a result of people who claim that they were standing up for ISIS. The attacks on the list are those that have occurred since 2014.

There have been few casualties with the attacks, except for the ones in Nice and Paris. Some members of the media have made comments that people in Washington want coverage of attacks toned down. John Kerry and John Kirby are two who believe that if you give terrorists the attention that they want, then they will want to commit more acts in the future.

There is a reason why media outlets don’t cover every single attack that takes place as they bring the attention to where the group is located, which can make the group hide or move before being caught.

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