Tractor Writes Message In Snow – Has The Internet Applauding In Agreement

Prunty Farms wanted to send some Christmas cheer out to people in the area. They waited until there were 10 inches of snow on the ground before doing so. Farmer Dan was the one decided to write a message in the snow with his tractor.

He was excited to do so, but he was under a lot of pressure. He only had one chance to do it right. If he messed up, then there was no way that he could start over and do it again.

Dan’s mission was captured on camera. It looked like he was having a lot of fun plowing in the snow. However, every move had to be made with precision. He covered over two acres of snow during his route. Dan’s mission was successfully completed. He created a message in the snow that said “Merry Christmas.”

The video was uploaded by the Prunty Farms YouTube page. It has been viewed over 1.7 million times on YouTube. Many people were impressed with the farmer’s message. It seems as though the plan went better than they thought it would. One person stated that amazing was not a good enough word to describe the message that the farmer wrote in the snow.

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