Suffer From Vertigo? Doctor Shares Simple, Effective Way to Treat It in Seconds

Millions of Americans suffer from vertigo, a feeling of dizziness and instability that can strike at any time. It can make it impossible, to drive, work, or even walk, and makes it very difficult to go about a normal routine. Vertigo is a common side effect of various problems with the inner ear, brain, or nervous system, as well as some medications. Now a doctor has come up with an easy way to treat vertigo symptoms and feel better right away.

Dr. Carol Foster’s “half-somersault maneuver” has been viewed widely on YouTube and tested by millions of vertigo sufferers worldwide, with great success. It is a simple procedure that can be done quickly and brings fast relief. Dr. Foster has heard from people around the world who have benefited from her maneuver.

To do the half-somersault maneuver, kneel down and tip your head upward to look at the ceiling. Then bend forward as if you’re about to do a somersault, so your head is upside down. While still upside down, turn your head to look at your elbow. (Which elbow depends on which ear your vertigo arises in; your doctor can help you determine this.) Hold this position until the dizziness subsides, and then raise your head back to level and sit back up quickly. If the maneuver has been done properly, the vertigo attack should be ended.

While the half-somersault maneuver is not a cure for vertigo, it can make things much easier for those whose daily life has been impacted by vertigo attacks.

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