New Evidence Shows That Melania Is Still Lying: Immigrated Illegally

New Evidence Shows That Melania Is Still Lying: Immigrated Illegally

As controversy continues to grow around Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, more questions are being raised. The way that Trump’s campaign is dealing with potential scandals is very concerning. In several cases, he has promised to address an issue, but after distracting his supporters, Trump never does what he promises. The example of Melania Trump’s alleged illegal immigration is just one of many instances where Trump continues to hide the truth. New evidence seems to show some particularly concerning facts about Melania’s case.

The underlying issue in the ongoing Melania immigration controversy is due to the fact that she may have illegally moved to the United States under false pretenses. When nude pictures of her from a modeling shoot in 1995 were revealed, it brought up the likelihood that Melania was working as a model in the United States at this time. Since Slovenia was not added to the United States’ Visa Waiver Program until 1997, there is no way she could have been legally living in the States and working then. Instead, it seems like Melania was in the country as a basic tourist, yet she chose to stay here and work as a model.

When this discrepancy with Trump’s wife’s past was revealed, he promised that a press conference would be held to clear up the misunderstanding. However, this has not happened. Instead, her attorney, MIchael Wildes, has just released a letter saying that her immigration status was deemed acceptable. The letter provides no proof that Melania was cleared of any misdoings. All Wildes does is try to explain away the holes in Melania’s immigration story without backing up their claims in any way. In fact, the letter’s mention of Melania immigrating in October of 1996 just adds further proof that she immigrated illegally because Slovenian immigrants could not enter the country on the Visa Waiver Program until 1997.

It is worth noting that Trump Models, the model management company owned by Trump that Melania originally worked for, is in an ongoing lawsuit for illegal immigration and labor practices. The claimants allege that at the turn of the millennia, the company was importing models illegally. They were brought in on tourist visas to do paid photoshoots, and the company would only give them a work visa if their work proved popular enough to be lucrative. The Trump Models company forced the models to pay an absurdly high rent and do compromising photoshoots, but the women could not speak out because they were scared of being deported.

The evidence released in this lawsuit has already been enough for some senators to call for a total federal investigation. Melania’s mixed up stories that change the dates of when she started working in the United States further increase the likelihood that she was one of the many models working for Trump Models illegally. Unlike the women suing the company though, she ended up marrying Donald Trump.

The sordid possibility that Trump’s wife and company were flouting immigration laws is already worrying enough. However, the candidate’s integrity is further called into question because he has spent so much time promising to keep out illegal immigrants who steal American jobs. It seems like he only wants to keep out the brown immigrants, while Trump is fine with illegal immigrants as long as they are attractive, white women. If he knew that his wife was an illegal immigrant yet continued to focus on a campaign strategy of building a wall across Mexico, then it seems obvious that Trump’s campaign is more about racism than actually wanting to protect immigration laws.

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