New Details Confirm: Trump Campaign Chair Solicited Child Sex

New Details Confirm: Trump Campaign Chair Solicited Child Sex

In the most recent, shocking allegation from the Trump Administration, involvs none other than the Trump campaign’s Oklahoma chairman: State senator Ralph Shortey, 35. The senator was caught in a seedy hotel room in Oklahoma with an underage boy less than half his age.

An anonymous tip that led the police to Shortey’s room at the Super 8 Motel. One of the boy’s relatives apparently caught wind of his relationship with the older man and grew suspicious prior to the incident. Currently, the police are reviewing text messages between the state senator and the young boy. According to sources, the boy has been troubled throughout his young life, dealing with drug addiction issues as well as advertising erotic services on Craiglist. Although Shortey has been in office for about seven years now, it certainly seems as if his time in government may be drawing to a close.

As a conservative Republican lawmaker, Shortey is actually married to a woman and has three young daughters. Since Shortey’s arrest has raised red flags, he has now been removed from his position working with the Oklahoma City YMCA’s Youth and Government program.

When the police were called to the Super 8 hotel room, apparently they could smell marijuana—and the evidence inside the room was also incriminating. An opened box of condoms and some lotion were found, and police are working to find out more about exactly how long Shortey was acquainted with the boy, as well as the other pertinent details of the case. Although Shortey has not yet resigned from his post, top officials in Oklahoma have been making it clear that they will expel him.

Sadly, Shortey has made a career out of pushing agendas that were hate-based in nature. Just this year, he worked on passing a measure that would allow business owners to discriminate against gay people. Gay rights groups in Oklahoma mentioned that Shortey was known for voting with his party when it came to issues related to the LGBTQ community. With the salacious new revelations coming to light, these votes against the gay community seem even more hypocritical and vindictive.

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