Learn How To Make The World’s Cutest Cupcakes, By Using THIS One Secret Ingredient…

If you’ve seen “Minions”, you know just how hilarious those yellow jelly-bean like creatures can be. They are clever, they are useful, they are smart (sometimes) and they are totally DELICIOUS…

You can also make minion cupcakes in only a matter of minutes with just a few simple ingredients. Ideal for birthday parties and other special events, these treats are sure to get people going.

The first thing to do is make vanilla cupcakes. Easy enough. As the cupcakes are baking start cutting Twinkies in half. These will be the body of your Minions. You can decorate the Twinkies with frosting eyes,, mouths and suspenders. Give each one their own unique expression!

Blue icing is placed on each cupcake after they cool. Place the Twinkie half on top of each cupcake. Begin decorating with black and white icing. Make black frames for the glasses and the outline of the eyes and add hair with either black frosting or small pieces of black licorice.

Create your own Minion army do do your biding! And then invite all of your friends over to come eat them. It will be a very memorable party.

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