Leaked Audio: Michigan Mayor Calls Black People ‘Chimps’ and Women ‘Dried up C*nts’

Leaked Audio: Michigan Mayor Calls Black People ‘Chimps’ and Women ‘Dried up C*nts’

Jim Fouts, the Mayor for Warren, Michigan, has found himself in hot water once again after audio of him saying some nasty things has been released to the public. Many of the comments Fouts made on the recordings are derogatory towards woman and African Americans.

Several of the comments captured on the recording that Fouts made include calling 60-year old women hags and dried up, saying black people looked like chimpanzees, and saying that young women are considered to be p*****s when they are younger however they are hateful, mean and dried-up c***s when they get old.

Fouts was also under scrutiny last month over some awful comments regarding mentally challenged people he made were recorded and released to the public. He was recorded saying that he was going to meet with retards who are dysfunctional and not fit to be actual human beings. He was later fired from his 910AM Radio Superstation show for those comments.

As far as the new released recordings, Fouts denies that they are authentic. He refused to comment on them to a local news reporter but did make a Facebook post regarding the audio recordings. He called the recordings “vile, vitriolic, phony”. His full statement can be found on his Facebook page.

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