Judges Thought She Picked A Stupid Song, She Then Made Them Regret They Ever Doubted Her

When 14 year old unknown Olivia Archbold stepped onto the stage at Britain’s Got Talent in 2010 to sing the judges and audience could tell she was nervous.

As soon as Olivia got through the first few sentences of Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of An Angel” she found her natural rhythm, relaxed and stunned the judges and audience with her soft, melodic voice and the control she had over how the song flowed.

After her performance, Olivia received a standing ovation and was awarded a yes by each of the three Judges, with judge Simon Cowell saying that he sees a lot of juvenile singers come on stage to sing a song that is too complex for them, but he was very impressed that Olivia had the control over her voice to sing such a adult song.

Olivia was one of forty people picked out of two hundred contestants to become a semifinalist where she lost the Judges vote by just three percent to come in third.

Olivia is still performing publicly in Britain and has many requests to sing “In the Arms of an Angel”. Olivia is also an internet sensation with her YouTube website receiving twenty million fans.

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