Dog Is Babysitting – So Dad Sets Up Hidden Camera To Monitor The Situation

Benjamin Jordan and his wife wished they had paid earlier attention to their dog’s distinct dislike of their new babysitter. Alexis Khan had passed all the background checks and interviews before she was hired by the South Carolina couple to take care of their infant son, Finn. Soon, the couple noticed that their normally docile dog, Killian, had begun to act defensively every time the babysitter was around the child.

Khan was Finn’s babysitter for five months and the couple began to notice the dog acting more and more strangely every time the babysitter was around. He would frequently place himself between Khan and the child, growling and barking at her. Sometimes, the dog had to be restrained to keep from attacking. The parents began to get suspicious…

Benjamin decided to place his phone under their couch to see if they could record what was happening during the day. He expected that the babysitter was abusing the dog, but what he found out was way worse. Khan could be heard cussing, slapping and possibly even shaking baby Killian and they could hear their child crying. The Jordans immediately took Finn to the doctor to be checked out. The baby was physically fine, but the police were alerted.

Khan was taken into custody a few weeks later and admitted to abusing the child. The judge sentenced her to three years in prison with parole eligibility after a year. In addition, her name will be placed on a list of child abusers to make it harder for her to get another job involving children. The Jordans were upset that their son had to endure her abuse for five months, but were elated that Khan will never be allowed to abuse another child. As for their dog, Killian, he is going to be trained to be a psychiatric service animal.

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