Dallas Stars Hilariously Troll Trump’s Pathetic Inauguration

President Donald Trump used his first full day in office obsessing about the size his inauguration crowd. Yes, it’s the sort of obsession that Freud and Jung would have a field day with. In his first speech to the Central Intelligence Agency, Trump called journalists “the most dishonest people on earth” and lambasted the media about lying about the attendance at his inauguration. Trump claimed 1.5 million people attended his swearing-in ceremony on Friday. Aerial photos of the National Mall paint a far different picture.

Dallas Stars Hilariously Troll Trump’s Pathetic Inauguration

So why is Donald Trump obsessed with size? Is it a sad attempt to overcompensate for his political deficiencies? Needless to say, Trump and his press secretary, Sean Spicer, have gotten roasted on Twitter and other social media platforms for their relentless obsession with size. The world of sports is getting in on the action, too.

The Dallas Stars couldn’t help but poke fun at our numbers-obsessed president during a hockey game with the Washington Capitals. In the third period of the game the Jumbotron lit up with the words: “Tonight’s Attendance: 1.5 million.”

Of course, American Airlines Center only has capacity for about 20,000 people. It’s a topical and witty gag, and the perfect way to troll an egotistical president who can’t handle the fact that his inauguration was far less popular than Barack Obama’s.

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