Carrie Fisher, and Her Mother Debbie Reynolds Will Be Buried Together

Carrie Fisher, and Her Mother Debbie Reynolds Will Be Buried Together

Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds will be buried together after a private memorial service. According to her son, and Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, Debbie Reynolds chose Hollywood Hill’s Forest Lawn Cemetery to be her final resting place.

Debbie Reynolds suffered a stroke on December 28, 2016. She died a day after Carrie Fisher succumbed to complications following a heart attack aboard a commercial aircraft on December 24 on her way from London to Los Angeles. Debbie Reynolds rushed to her daughter’s side as she arrived in Los Angeles and was hospitalized there.

Some friends claim that Debbie Reynolds died of a broken heart, but she did suffer a massive stroke. She had a medical history of previous strokes. Doctors do know that suffering an emotional trauma such as that of the death of a loved one, can be responsible for a wealth of physical symptoms, not unlike Reynolds’.

After his mother’s death, Todd Fisher claimed, she wanted to be with Carrie. Todd Fisher has arranged for a private joint funeral for his mother and sister. Details will not be released to the public. They will later be interred together at the Hollywood Hill’s cemetery famous for being a cemetery to the stars. Mother and daughter will rest in peace together for eternity now. A sad but fitting ending to a heartbreaking Hollywood mother daughter love story has come full circle.

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