Can You Solve This Equation?

Although you may have spent many years in math class, chances are that you might not remember some of the finer points. If you’d like to test your skills—without any of that pressure over grades—here’s a simple math problem that may be a bit more difficult than it seems.

There might be more to it than meets the eye, so you’ll want to take a careful look at it before you submit your final answer. Those who are math aficionados will undoubtedly appreciate this huge challenge, but even people who didn’t do so well in math class may want to take a stab at it.

When you’re looking for fun ways to challenge yourself, this math problem will inspire you and make you work out the logical side of your brain. If you feel like just getting away from your own problems for a minute, try solving this one and see how it goes. Who knows?

You may become inspired by your success—and then apply that newfound confidence to whatever challenges the day tosses your way. In a world full of difficult problems, being able to solve this one will make your day. Entertain yourself for a few minutes—and see if you’re still that math wiz that you once were!

Can You Solve This Equation?

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