Baby Boy Was Born With Grey Hair – Crazy, Adorable Genetics!

Baby Boy Was Born With Grey Hair – Crazy, Adorable Genetics!

A baby boy named Bence was recently born in a hospital in Szekesfehevar. He is unique because he was born with gray hair. Most people who have extremely light skin, eyes and hair are albinos. However, Bence is not an albino. The doctors have stated that the gray hair is probably temporary. His hair will likely darken when he gets older. They stated that a pigment shortage is what has contributed to the gray hair.

The nurses in the maternity ward have given Bence the nickname “Prince Charming.” He is in perfect health even though he is bigger than most newborns. He weighed 11.9 pounds and 21.5 inches long.

Bence did receive additional lab tests in order to ensure that he was healthy. The tests can back normal. Dr. Zoltan Kummer is a physician who helped deliver the baby. He stated that Bence’s gray hair is not the result of illness or prenatal stress.

Bence’s mother could not relax after she had her baby. She had to take a college exam a few days after her baby was born. She also works a full-time job. Doctors have predicted that the gray hair will likely go away within a few years.

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