Aspartame: There’s A Truth We Are Not Being Told

A quick Google search will return A LOT a lot of information about aspartame. It is dangerous. However, medical experts and nutritionists have told people that aspartame is safe for many years.

The reason we are being lied to about the safety of aspartame is because the pharmaceutical companies want to make as much money as possible. Studies have shown that aspartame can cause brain lesions, seizures and tumors.

The FDA is finally admitting the truth. Dr. Adrian Gross, who is a toxicologist who works for the FDA, stated that aspartame causes brain tumors. The National Soft Drink Association has also admitted that aspartame is dangerous. Not only is it unstable, but it can also break down into formaldehyde.

The FDA has also found that aspartame can cause at least 92 symptoms including deafness, weight gain, blindness and death. Despite the fact that the dangers of aspartame, it is still being used in over 6,000 products in the world.

Keep in mind that food products are not the only things that have aspartame. It is also found in supplements and liquid antibiotics. You have to be vigilant about what you consume and read the labels before you use anything.

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