Abused Dog Screams In Fear – Inspiring The FBI to Get Involved Finding Animal Abusers

Animal abuse happens all over the world. It’s a sad reality that so many helpless animals get mistreated, but the FBI has begun taking steps to improve the statistics of animal abuse.

It all began with a study from the Chicago Police Department that revealed 65% of animal abusers also hurt humans. 45% of convicted murderers have even admitted to hurting animals at some point. With the connection made between animal abuse and human abuse, the FBI has decided to have local law enforcement report animal abuse on the NIBRS.

The NIBRS is a statistic system that local law enforcement uses to give data about rapists, murderers, and other criminal activity to the FBI. As of January 2016, the FBI began to receive this new data on animal abuse from law enforcement all over the US. They hope in gathering this information, they’ll learn more about the pattern of animal abuse and be able to help stop not only the abuse of animals but of humans too.

The FBI won’t make the statistics available to the public until next year, but for now, people praise the FBI for their effort to help abused animals. The FBI is hopeful that over time this new initiative will improve the animal abuse problem plaguing America and put even more animal abusers behind bars.

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